Get Your Properties Signed up with Concierge Utility Setup

As a property manager, you have the benefit of being in charge of the utilities and amenities available to your tenants. CHS can now help you expand your offering with the help of our utilities service. Let us be your frontline to help get your tenants to get utilities in their name faster!

Our service is FREE to implement into your daily process, FREE to your tenants, and we pay you! You’ll receive commissions based on the services your tenants use, and because the service is free to you and the tenant, this is a significant value-add to your property! This increases tenant retention and positive reviews!

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We created this page so that you can have the steps on how to implement our service in a few simple steps. Included below is sample verbiage you can use to send out to your tenants and use on your management agreement. We have also outlined our payout guidelines, and outline answers to a few frequently asked questions.

Ready to get started?


  1. Click HERE and complete the form on the following page. Make sure to upload a PNG or high resolution JPEG logo. We will then create a custom portal that an assigned person at your office will enter new tenants information. Also, please make sure you upload a W9 for the earnings so there is no delay in your payments.

  2. After you receive your custom portal, have your appointed person save it as a favorite on their desktop for easy access. Using the portal is recommended, but property manager information may also be sent via email to

  3. When entering tenant information into the portal, please list any details about the property in the specific notes. Example: “water is paid by the landlord” and if you have the gas, water, or co-op electric company on file, please list it.

Quarterly Payments

Citizen Home Solutions pays out a referral fee of 20% of the revenue that the tenants generate through paid services.

Paid services include: Deregulated Electric, Internet, Satellite, Cable, Security and Phone.

Non-paid services: Water, Gas, Regulated Electric

Why Should You Use Citizen Home Solutions?

We help get the utilities in the new tenants name faster and out of the owners name

We insure satellite dishes do not get installed on houses, they always get installed on a pole mount in the back yard (if you are not charging a fee to remove pole mount, you should. We typically see about $150 charge)

We are a value ad service that you get to provide to your tenants for free. This helps set you apart from the competition.

VERY IMPORTANT – What You Need to Know!

We are here to help guide and facilitate gas, water, and co-op electric companies. We do not have direct contracts or contacts with these companies that allow us to provide easy turn-on options for the tenants. We do the research for these utilities and get the tenants as far as we can.

For Cable, Internet, Phone, Satellite, and Security, we create, order, and set up the install dates all in-house. We educate tenants moving into a new residence because they could be over-paying and we want to help them save money. Transferring their existing provider is never a good idea because they can get the new introductory rates, and we show them how.

The tenant’s information ends up in our call queue where they will be assigned a connection agent. After being assigned to a connection agent, he or she goes to work behind the scenes researching all available services for the tenant’s new address so when we make contact with the new tenant, our connection agent has a roadmap for them of what’s available.

We always call within 24 hours per our company policy. If you have something that needs immediate attention, please document that in the “specific notes” section of your portal.
We work with the best providers in the country to bring you the services and options you need to make your move faster and easier. Our partnerships with those companies allow us to offer our services at no charge to you.
We work with all of the well known providers as well as many of the smaller ones, so that we can make sure that you get the best price and quality of service. Some familiar companies are At&t, Charter, Oncor, Time Warner, DirecTV, Farmers Insurance, and many others.
We can setup everything in just one phone call without you having to deal with long wait times or automated systems. Also, we’re here to offer you an unbiased opinion and let you choose which service provider fits your needs.

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